Preparation, scripts and legal Thu, 14 Nov 19 18:15:44 -0700 Preparation, scripts and legal en-CA Amazon Storywriter Thu, 19 Nov 2015 16:22:39 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 14091@/talks/discussions

Amazon today announced Amazon Storywriter, a free, cloud-based screenwriting software for writers of all levels to create movie and TV screenplays in standard format, offering an alternative to costly industry options. Also, in an effort to further enable talented writers to present their work for consideration and to expand its search for the next great movie or TV series, Amazon will now accept drama submissions and will no longer take a free option on scripts submitted directly to the site.

Starting today, creators can simply log in with their Amazon account to access Amazon Storywriter. This writer-friendly software takes the pain out of formatting, with features including auto-format as you type and import/export of PDF, FDX and Fountain formats. Screenwriters can write online while their scripts are saved as they work, knowing all their material is being stored securely in the cloud. Additionally, they can write offline with a free installable Chrome app for Mac and PC.

“Amazon is thrilled to support the evolution of our creative community by offering advanced tools like Amazon Storywriter to assist both established and aspiring writers in telling their stories,” said Roy Price, Vice President, Amazon Studios. “Amazon is dedicated to producing high-quality, original films and television series that customers love, and enabling more writers to obtain access to creative resources will ultimately help us discover great new talent. Just recently we were thrilled to debut the second season of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street, a kids show that came to us as a script submission. The show has been a huge hit with customers and a testament to the open door process—we can’t wait to see what comes in next.”

Amazon is always on the lookout for compelling new voices and interesting characters in series and movies that have the potential to become hits. Amazon continues to accept original scripts for feature films, primetime comedy series for adults, series for children between the ages of 2-14, and now for the first time also welcomes drama series submissions. In addition, Amazon will no longer take a free option on script submissions, thus allowing Writers Guild of America and the Animation Guild members to submit their original material through the online submission process.

Check at

What is a Script Supervisor? Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:26:02 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 16614@/talks/discussions

Using GH4 + Shogun for commercial greenscreen production - Our experience Sat, 11 Mar 2017 00:50:21 -0700 Chris74 16580@/talks/discussions I am usually just consuming content on this excellent forum, so I thought it's time to give something back.

We just finished a commercial film production and thought I share some insights on why we have chosen to shoot this with the GH4. Our key requirements have been

  1. 10Bit 4k capability (greenscreen project!)
  2. Light weight (we had challeging camera angles and limited budget for rigging => e.g. birdeye shots with shitty rig)
  3. Long battery life (we didn't want to add external battery solutions => our rig had very low weight limitations)
  4. Problem free (e.g. no overheating)

So after long discussions choosing between Sony A7s II and GH4, we decided to use the latter one and I don't regret this decision.

We had a lot of challenges but they have not been regarding camera choice, more related to the customers corporate colors (yellow turning green in shadows) and lighting the massive greenscreen. The only real challenge on the GH4 for us was the shitty HDMI port but we solved that with adding a Zacuto Port Protector (without that, it would have been a nightmare!).

But judge for yourself, feedback welcome! (note: the project required massive effort in post production)

Philippe Mora talking about making movies Sun, 05 Mar 2017 04:30:16 -0700 Haberdasher 16542@/talks/discussions W

Worth watching this if only for his thoughts about location selection for a low budget movie.

Filming outdoor in London Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:15:51 -0600 flablo 15956@/talks/discussions Hello, I need an advice from people from London: I need to shoot in London, outdoor, in the streets and underground, basically following an actor walking around. We will be 4 people crew, no lighting, one camera, documentary style. Do you think it will be possible without a permit (not enough time to do it)? Underground in particular, how difficult do you think it is and how much do we have to try to not be seen? There are surveillance cameras there: should be really worried about those? Thank you!

How to Speak Script - free book part Fri, 09 Sep 2016 12:26:09 -0600 MikeLinn 15695@/talks/discussions Check at

Shortfilm preparation - legal question regarding film score Fri, 28 Nov 2014 06:25:17 -0700 Chris74 11862@/talks/discussions Hi I'm currently working on my next short and have some legal/copyright question. As usual, we plan on recording most of the film score ourselves but this time, there will be a scene where I need a TV comedy as background sound (no picture). How is it with rights. Plan would be to simply record 2-3 min of a real TV comedy. Can I use this without paying specific rights, no matter what I record? (widely known or unknown TV comedy).

Help appreciated and sorry if this has already been answered here, haven't had the time to browse.

Cheers Chris

Aaron Sorkin screenwriting course Wed, 22 Jun 2016 22:37:24 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 15268@/talks/discussions

The Production Process Tue, 24 May 2016 00:37:20 -0600 MikeLinn 15113@/talks/discussions

Books: Free books about street photography Sat, 08 Oct 2011 05:21:12 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 1130@/talks/discussions

A book about street photography in the digital age. Forget what you know about
street photography and read how Thomas Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with
his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on how to approach people, getting closer to
them and get the best out of you street experience. His workflow starts without a
camera and ends in the galeries of this World. It's not about the Decisive Moment
or how you setup your camera. It's more about the approach of getting a success-
ful street photographer who will build a successful community around the World.
It's all about sharing and socializing. You will be taken to a journey through the big
cities of this World looking into the eyes of strangers. Candid is the key word and
you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for an exclusive book which will change
your life as a street photographer...


While the first book was about the basics, this book is more advanced and contains a
lot of personal thoughts and ideas. I tried to explain what Street Photography means
to me and how I see it. It contains more than 30 short chapters about the different
areas and topics of street photography. It should help beginners to understand the
process of making story telling photos and to improve your personal style as a street
photographer. Together with the first book it will be a good reference for anyone who
wants to become a street photographer.]]>
Digital Storyboarding with Adobe CC 2014 Fri, 13 Mar 2015 08:12:52 -0600 shian 12591@/talks/discussions Many of you would love to not have to rely on a storyboard artist to pre-visualize your film, but like me your drawing skills are just not good enough to really make the effort seem worthwhile. But, not to fear, cuz Adobe has finally made it possible for you to create outstanding storyboards for your ideas digitally using Cinema 4D and Imma gonna showya how.

What you probably didn't know is that Cinema 4D Lite comes standard with After Effects now. And those who did know probably thought to yourself, "I have absolutely no use for that..." Well, now you do.

Warning: I kinda have a little rant in the middle of this tutorial - but there's a point to it. I'm not just being an asshole for the fun of it.

Video-Gear Insurance? Sun, 06 Jan 2013 00:12:02 -0700 vaitor 5674@/talks/discussions Hey, I dont know where to put this topic really but I thought someone might know. After a few years of video production and broadcast I am starting to rent out equipment but I am also traveling to more shooting locations that endanger my gear (extreme weather, sandy/humid, warzones and areas with a high crime rate). I never had major issues but I would like to get insurance for my gear. Does anyone know a good insurance company with good policies & good rates (international)? What is your experience? Is it worth it? What if expensive gear breaks in the middle of a production and you need a replacement?

thanks for the feedback! vaitor

How To Create Suspense In A Screenplay Sat, 27 Sep 2014 08:13:09 -0600 MikeLinn 11414@/talks/discussions

Copyright for photographers Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:02:32 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 10694@/talks/discussions

Commercial Script - Setting Customer expectations Wed, 12 Mar 2014 13:10:44 -0600 andyharris 9862@/talks/discussions Over the last week or so I've been doing some business development with local companies that might need some video for their websites etc.

These are the sort of companies that more than likely would not have engaged a video production before, or just made their own simple youtube videos.

The success rate in getting initial meetings is about 20:1, we're getting favourable comments regarding our corporate examples. However the main worry for these companies is controlling the cost and knowing what they are going to get for their budget.

On some recent projects with a customer I know well I've used the script as a sort of 'contract' as to what they are going to get - if they want more or a change to the script after it has been shot they know that there will be a charge incurred.

I've expanded the idea a bit more and made this page on our website:

I'd be curious to learn if anyone here has any tips for engaging with companies that need video but haven't started yet.

Thanks for thinking .... Andy

Anyone tried Adobe Story? Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:25:00 -0700 rNeil 9125@/talks/discussions Clearly not the most used part of Pv ... but thought I might see if anyone even checks in here. I've looked at Adobe Story for creating scripts to use to "analyze" into Premiere Pro for editing.

Anyone here have any experience in this or other production-planning/scripting/scheduling software?


Movie-making for everyone Mon, 25 Nov 2013 11:17:13 -0700 Vitaliy_Kiselev 8877@/talks/discussions

Just write your story

All the worlds best movies, from Casablanca to Star Wars, started with text. That’s why in Plotagon, you start your movie with text. There are no timelines or animation clips. Just the ancient technologies of creativity and the written word.

You don’t have to learn complicated tools or know anything about animation. Plotagon animates everything for you. Press play, and environments and props are put into position, dialogue is converted into speech, and characters come alive before your eyes.

It is free and beta now.

Writers Roundtable Sun, 10 Nov 2013 00:52:00 -0700 MikeLinn 8725@/talks/discussions

The Future Of Storytelling, free courses Sat, 26 Oct 2013 14:17:52 -0600 MikeLinn 8563@/talks/discussions

Learn storytelling basics such as antagonist/protagonist relationships, narrative/narrated time, ...

  • have a look at exciting current media projects
  • analyze how they are designed and executed based on aforementioned basics
  • and discuss how (and if) new online tools and formats change the way stories are told and perceived.

The 8-chapter course starts on October 25th, 2013 and ends on December 20th, 2013.

It will offer weekly video material, lessons, interviews and tasks on the following topics (not necessarily in this order):

  • storytelling basics
  • serial formats (on the TV, web and beyond)
  • storytelling in role-playing games
  • interactive storytelling in video games
  • transmedia storytelling
  • alternate-reality gaming
  • augmented reality and location-based storytelling
  • the role of tools, interfaces and information architectures in current storytelling

SAG actor for music video Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:32:27 -0600 sammy 7916@/talks/discussions I'm in the process of preparing for a music video next month.We found an SAG actress that we liked, and she is willing to work with us on a tight budget(500$) for 3 days of shooting, but it seems like the ultra low budget sag contract is not allowed for music videos . Any idea what type of contract I need to make this work on a low budget for a music video rather than a short , I never worked with a SAG actors before, thanks for any info or input.

Low/No-budget feature film, how to do it properly? Sat, 28 Jul 2012 02:54:26 -0600 jirab 4070@/talks/discussions Hey guys,

Some friends and I are shooting our first feature film in a couple weeks. I'm the DP and using my GH2 (not sure which hack yet), but just wondering where we should prioritize any of the funds we do have? Also, I know we're not supposed to solicit on here, so I won't, but have any of you had success with Kickstarter or other crowd-funding resources? We've just put one up, but it's rather slow going.


Amazon Storyteller Sat, 08 Jun 2013 04:45:08 -0600 Vitaliy_Kiselev 7194@/talks/discussions What is Amazon Storyteller?

Amazon Storyteller is a new application from Amazon Studios that lets you turn a movie script into a storyboard. You choose the backgrounds, characters, and props to visually tell a story. A successful storyboard can tell the full story of a script, or capture its essence in short form, like a trailer. Either approach can be a great way to build an audience for your story and see how people respond to it.

Amazon Storyteller is brand new, and is limited in the kinds of scripts it can visualize. For example, we don’t have robots and spaceships, but maybe we should. We need help from storytellers like you to make it better. During the Beta period, we’ll regularly ask for feedback on how Amazon Storyteller works for you, and ensure it delivers an even better experience in future releases.

How long should my Amazon Storyteller storyboard be?

That’s really up to you. You can visualize an entire screenplay scene-by-scene, or you can make a trailer-length storyboard that conveys the basic story in highlights. Whether you create 10 panels or 100, you can choose how best to visualize your story.

McKee lectures about screenplay writing Wed, 13 Feb 2013 07:53:55 -0700 Faudel 6103@/talks/discussions

Previz - usually a good idea Sun, 03 Feb 2013 14:34:32 -0700 shian 6000@/talks/discussions There is no "pre visualization" category under the "skill" category. I think there should be. I believe its an essential part of the process. And to kickstart it. I wanted to show you this "playblast quality" still of a shot I was working on for a project.


Using Maya, I was able to determine what angles the light needed to be at to make this scene work, sit down in front of Maya with the sets, props, and people loaded up, and begin to block and shoot the scene with the director and production designer. Then have a discussion over lighting and production design, then go back and make those adjustments, and end up with this "sketch" quality render of one of the shots. [inserted further down]

Doing so makes things so much easier - as I now know what lens I need, which lights, which camera angle, which gels, etc. And setting up and shooting should be a breeze. I have in essence already shot the scene, now I only need to recreate it. Which is faster and less stressful than trying to figure it all out on set.


I'll do some tutorials on this at some point. One using Maya, and another using some of my Storyboard Artist friends.

Short script/film thread - lets share ideas! Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:26:23 -0600 svart 4725@/talks/discussions I'm not great when it comes to writing short films. I get bogged down into the details too easily and I always find myself wanting to shoot something that is just too expensive or ambitious for me to take on. I'd much rather work on the filming side of things than writing. I've met a lot of folks who are also this way, and quite a number of folks who are great writers or have great ideas but don't really want to deal with shooting them. How about folks suggest ideas for short films that myself or others might want to shoot?

Screenwriting software Thu, 09 Feb 2012 02:41:05 -0700 jokerzd2 2231@/talks/discussions Looking for something free? Well, I've been using Celtx on and off for many years. It is great and you can get it for both Mac and PC for free. You can also get advanced features by paying for it, but you can do so if you really need those features or want to support them.


Check out the free version at if you want to try out a free screenwriting program.

Director's Topic - How to use hardware features to turn script intention into motion mood/feeling Mon, 26 Nov 2012 11:21:36 -0700 apefos 5306@/talks/discussions When I did the second video using the Apefoscope, some people said it was useless to perceive the image quality due to lots of post production. My intention was not hide any imperfection from the adapter itself, I was just trying to give some mood/feeling to the video. A way to improve the romantic and emotive mood using slow motion, film grain, increase contrast and saturation, also some kind of tri-x black & white look, some low saturation look, to combine with the lens flares, with the engaging couple and with the sad/romantic music to do more than a review, but some kind of pleasant warming sensation.

So today when I saw a second video done in a similar way (slow/flares/night/sad,romantic music/color,bw), and some people also says it is not good to review a product, so I started to think we could open another kind of topic: "How to use a hardware" instead of "How good a hardware is"

So feel free to post videos here, but just post them if you can do an analyses in how the director used the hardware to create a mood/feeling.

The video I did and described above is this number on vimeo: 52730117

And the second video I saw today with similar direction is this number on vimeo: 54266780

Just created this group on vimeo:

Building the Hero character Sun, 09 Sep 2012 01:52:03 -0600 Faudel 4516@/talks/discussions Lets leave Big Cs making money and lets back to reality and to what we should really work on !

Before heroes come to the big screen in huge black rooms ,they were in stories as ancient as mankind. Depends on our country or culture of origin we learned about different Myths and religions. When you study these different myths and also the different religions of the world you find similarities. In a way most of heroes make the same journey.

Joseph Campbell,an american philosopher, has studied all this and bring us a nice theory : The monomyth. His work and books and derivative books are IMHO a must read for understanding the hero and the hero's journey ! This might be useful for those who are planning an epic movie and for Star Wars fans too :p Ofc this is not the only way to build a hero character and ofc Joseph Campbell work is not limited to the hero ,it's about mankind and unity...

An example of this thoughts

his main book(ofc i recommend others too)

A book from tv docs

A derivative book from his work

The hero's journey

Tips for shooting in Russia? Mon, 01 Oct 2012 01:06:50 -0600 tjnavyblue 4779@/talks/discussions Heading to Russia (Moscow) in a couple of weeks from the U.S. Most of my shooting will be in the client's corporate buildings, but looking to get some city/culture b-roll as well.

Is there anything special to keep in mind, either with customs going in/out of the country or in shooting on the street in Moscow?

I've traveled with gear before - wondering about tips specific to Russia. Would love to hear your thoughts or experience.

My first proper gig! – How much to CHARGE? Wed, 26 Sep 2012 17:22:45 -0600 kujina 4726@/talks/discussions Hi

I’ve potentially secured some corporate work but I’m not sure how much to charge! (I'm in the UK)

Please check out the following video links as examples (not my work) of the kind thing I would be asked to produce.

I’d appreciate any feedback and thoughts on how to charge for this type of work.

P.s I will be using the GH2!